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Wire-O Binding.

Wire-O binding is a type of mechanical binding that puts a double looped coated metal wire through punched sheets. It is visually appealing, highly functional, relatively easy to apply and available in a variety of sizes and colors. Here is some information on this style of binding:


  • Binding edges from 2″ to 17″
  • Book blocks up to 1.125″ thick (1.25″ Wire-O elements)
  • 3:1 (Square and Round) and 2:1 (Square only) hole punch patterns
  • Wire-O sizes from .25″ to 1.25″
  • Stock Colors available are Black and White

Other colors available are: Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Silver, Gold and Pewter.

Wire-O binding has many advantages over other binding styles, such as:

  • Pages lay and stay flat
  • Books open back to back a full 360 degrees
  • Several options with covers, semi-concealed, fully concealed, built in easels, etc.

We can also Wire-O bind books with pocket covers or tabs, and add clear acetate fronts or leatherette/vinyl backs upon request.