Let us finish what you’ve started!

General Information.

Follow these guidelines to ensure proper services are performed:

  • When submitting requests for quotes and all paperwork, please give flat sheet counts instead of page counts
  • Provide work or purchase order with your job upon arrival – include copy of quote
  • Indicate gripper on all work – provide rule up when possible
  • Mark or label all incoming cartons/skids with company name and job title
  • Provide detailed instructions
  • Include quantity, number of sheets, desired finishing option, final size, etc.
  • Determine overage, and what you would like us to do with extra stock (recycle or return)
  • Please include desired finish date and any special instructions (split shipments, variable data, etc.)
  • Also include previous sample or mock up of job, be sure to bind sample if possible and mark sample if return is desired
  • Mark binding edge when applicable
  • Pick up and deliver all orders to the 22 Benefit Street address between 7:30AM and 4:30 PM