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Antimicrobial Protection.


D&K’s new antimicrobial overlams offer added protection against certain dangerous bacteria and other harmful microbes. These specialty treated products feature a durable antimicrobial coating that helps prevent the growth of some potentially harmful bacteria. Anti Microbial


  • Film thicknesses come 1.5, 3, 5 & 10 Mil. Bulks
  • Surface finishes; Antimicrobial, Gloss, Matte, Soft Touch  * Film material; Polyester, OPP, Nylon and Lay flat
  • NABS is stocking Super stick Digital adhesive films to stick many Digital Printed sheets
  • In stock roll sizes; 6”, 12”, 18” up to 25”   * 1 side Film in stock at 11.75” wide
  • Edge seal (encapsulation) is best with 3 mil on 2 sides with .187” seal, up to .5” seal


  • Printed Stock to be supplied Ready for Lamination to Nabs
  • Flush trim is best printed on Over size Sheet and chop cut to final size after lamination
  • Over size sheet is needed for 1 side lamination a 19″x13″ sheet is a common size for book cover
  • Heavy weight Text works best- 28# is good. Up to 14 pt cover
  • Common sizes include 2×3.5, 5.5×8.5,  8.5×11, 11×17 up to 25” wide
  • In stock roll sizes; 6”, 12”, 18” up to 25”  for flush and Edge seal
  • 1 side Film in stock at 11.75” wide


  • We can punch and Plastic coil bind as Menus, Manuals
  • Nabs can apply a Metal Eyelet and also can add 1” Hinge ring
  • Antimicrobial films can be cleaned with soap and water to further sanitize surfaces
  • Antimicrobial Films are ideal for use on  Menus, Manuals and High use Public Documents