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UV Coating.

UV Coating is a great way to enhance the finished look of your work. A Gloss or Satin coating is applied to the sheet and cured using UV lights. It not only looks spectacular but also protects your work. NABS was one of the first companies in the area to add UV Coating services to its growing list of services. We’ve also developed a proprietary technology that allows us to UV coat a wider range of copier/digital output. Here are some advantages to this finishing style:

  • Variable Data (easy to keep sheets in order)
  • Cost effective process (cheaper alternative to Laminating similar look and feel)
  • UV Coating extends the durability of documents as UV Coated work is more scratch resistant
  • Makes your already great looking work even more appealing


  • Auto feed capability on sheets sized 8.5″ x 11″ to 16″ x 24″
  • Hand feeding on sheets as wide as 21″
  • Paper stocks as light as 80# gloss cover and as heavy as 14 Pt gloss coated cover


  • All inks, toners, and varnishes must be compatible, dry, and wax free
  • Avoid excessive use of spray powders
  • We can run test samples if there are questions about compatibility
  • Jobs must be supplied on Gloss coated cover stock

Great for Perfect Bind Book covers!